Celtic Festival and Highland Games combines history and athletics


The Second Annual Central Oregon Celtic Festival and Highland Games in Redmond celebrated all things Celtic on Saturday with food, music, and feats of strength.

Competitors took to Kiwanis Field to prove their strength by tossing around heavy things, and we asked some athletes about the draw of the festivities.

“You know, I’ve been into strength activities my whole life,” said competitor Matt Bennett. “And it’s just a way to kind of channel that into actually something, versus just spinning my wheels in the weight room. So it’s fun to compete and hang out with the guys, and the camaraderie.”

“It’s fun to kind of relive some old traditions. Some of these are pretty ancient events and it’s fun to feel like you’re part of some history,” said another competitor, Austin Hughes.

Men and women competed in events like weight over bar and the sheaf toss.


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