EV catches fire near Redmond; batteries pose problem for crew


A Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle near Eagle Crest in Redmond melted after catching fire Monday according to Redmond Fire and Rescue.

Firefighters responded to a call in Eagle Ridge and soon called for back-up due to the unique challenge of the burning batteries inside the car.

Battalion Chief Ken Brown said the vehicle’s batteries compose the bottom of the car and combusted due to hot temperatures.

Brown said the fire was tough to put out due to the battery’s location.

Most car fires can easily be extinguished with water carried in the tank by a single fire engine, but with this particular model, the battery which powers the motor as well as all other electronics and environmental comforts is constructed of high energy density lithium-ion pouch cells, that span the entire width of the car and are positioned as low down as possible and between the axles front to rear, he said.

The batteries melted in the extreme heat and the flammable metal was difficult to fully extinguish, he said.

Several DryChem extinguishers and lots of water put out the flames according to Redmond Fire.

Crews were on scene for less than two hours.

The vehicle was a total loss but is fully insured.

Redmond Fire is investigating the cause of the combustion.


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