▶️ Redmond has an art museum that’s open 24/7. Just walk around town.


There are few, if any, museums that are actually open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That is unless you live in Redmond. When you take a stroll through that city, you’re actually taking in dozens of unique works of art that are available around the clock.

The city’s Art Around the Clock program is a free, outdoor museum. It’s been a chance to find a love or hate of skill, craft and vision since 2006.

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“Every now and then there might be one that might push the envelope a little bit. But, you know, art is there to encourage conversation whether people like it or they don’t,” said Jackie Abslag of Redmond Community Development.

“Big, Big Mouth” — showing one fish with its mouth wide open, ready to eat a smaller one — is one of the 14 new pieces currently scattered around town on loan from the artists.

Big Big Mouth
Big Big Mouth is one of the many outdoor art displays to be found in Redmond, Ore.

In two years, those artists can sell them outright or let the public vote in a people’s choice award and sell them to the city for permanent display. Many already have.

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Now valued at nearly $1 million, the benefactor of this outdoor art is anyone whose eye is caught.

“It’s great for the community. It beautifies the community. It brings more people here. It brings more visitors. It brings new businesses. It helps businesses that are already here. It just all around — art brings people together,” said Dan Mooney of the Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places.

You can learn more about the Art Around the Clock pieces here.

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