Pilot shortage, population growth means more big planes at Redmond

Alaska Airlines

More people means you’ll be seeing a larger number of bigger planes at Redmond Municipal Airport.

The rapid population growth in the High Desert means more people are flying out of Redmond. Airlines are making some changes with flights to accommodate passengers. 

Redmond Airport Director Zach Bass says the airport is expected to have 1.1 million passengers this year — an increase of 130% in the past seven years.

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“And with the pilot shortage, instead of seeing smaller aircraft more frequently, we’re seeing the airlines upgrades, the smaller aircraft to mainline aircraft to, you know, accommodate for the growth we’re seeing,” said Redmond Airport Director Zach Bass.

The airport says the increase in use of larger planes is going to take effect within the next few months. Depending on ticket sales, it may be permanent.


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