RootedHomes building 23-home Redmond community, expanding affordable homes


Local land trust RootedHomes is expanding outside of Bend to build affordable housing.

It is working on a 23-home community in Redmond, where it says housing prices are going up.

Right now, it is in the design and planning phases, hoping to get people moved into housing by 2025.

Part of this initial phase is hearing from the community about what they want to see in this new development.

“We want to hear from residents in terms of the site plan. What do you want to see in your site? Do you want open greenspace, playgrounds, electric bikes, parking sheds, elements like that that add to the community?” said RootedHomes Executive Director Jackie Keogh.

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This Redmond community will include duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes.

Those wishing to purchase a home through RootedHomes must be first-time homebuyers. They have to verify that their household income is between 65%-80% of the average median income for Deschutes County, although they may be able help some with lower incomes. They must also show one-year of consistent household income or two years of income for self-employed households. There are other requirements as well that can be found at this link.

Annual Area Median Income

(Source: Rooted Homes)

65% AMI

80% AMI

1-Person Household



2-Person Household



3-Person Household



4-Person Household



5-Person Household







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