Redmond affordable housing plan moves forward


An affordable housing pilot project is moving forward in Redmond.

The plan will transform 40 acres of the city’s east side.

“Deschutes county is the fifth fastest growing county in the nation. We’re having those growing pains and that’s why we can’t grow fast enough for the people that are coming in,” said State Rep. Jack Zika, a Republican from Redmond.

Representatives from across the region have been hard at work putting together a plan to address these issues and Redmond is almost ready to start construction on Skyline Village.

“It’s 40 acres and it will be 485 units of mixed housing,” Zika said. “You’ll have single family residents, town homes, apartments, green space area, hopefully a little bit of commercial area and a day care unit in the middle.”

Collaboration between Deschutes County and the city of Redmond made this project possible.

“This project functions because the county gives the city the land and that’s where you get the affordability at. It’s the biggest cost driver when it comes to housing is the land cost,” Zika said. 

And to help drive down costs – 50 percent of the development will be low-income housing.

“This is very important for the normal average worker.” Zika said. “If you’re working at Safeway, Starbucks, even if you’re a police officer or a teacher; it’s getting harder and harder to afford a house.”

Redmond is expanding and this is the first piece of moving east.

“This plan actually kicks off the whole east side development; they’ve already done the pre-planning for the whole east side,” Zika said. “This would kick off the sewer and street infrastructure needed to do the rest of the east Redmond plan.”


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