Red Cross offering Amazon gift cards, Yeti shirts for blood donations


Morgan Schmidt, Executive Director of the Red Cross for Central and Eastern Oregon, spoke to Good Morning Central Oregon’s Megan Sinclair to give tips on how to prepare for winter at home and on the road. She also talked about the Red Cross’ latest promotion to get Central Oregonians in to donate blood.

Here are some excerpts of Megan’s interview with Morgan.


“How can we be better prepared in in our car?”


“I think we sometimes think about preparedness as like a hypothetical or an icebreaker question. What’s the one thing you want to have with you? And and the truth is, we want to be ready all the time, not just hypothetically, but in real life. So I want to encourage folks, as we’re looking at winter driving, winter travel and winter weather to make sure that they’re ready with an actual go bag for their car, including things like just extra warm weather gear, gloves, hats. I’ve got a first aid kit here and then a whole other bag of goodies where you just want to make sure you’ve got the essentials. Mostly extra layers, food and snacks, water. And then we also recommend people bring kitty litter or sand in case they get stuck in there in an icy situation. Give you a little more traction to get out.”


“What are some things that people can do at home, especially for those big winter storms that I’m sure there’s always a chance we could get here in Central Oregon.”


“The Red Cross recommends always having two weeks of emergency supplies at home. So two weeks of food that you can prepare for each member of your family. People and pets go through at least a gallon of water a day. So if you think that we’re going to get into a situation where pipes might freeze or we might have issue accessing water, you know, fill up that bathtub, make sure that you’re ready with some extra water supplies on hand. And then, of course, being careful how you plan to heat your home in the wintertime, making sure you do that in a safe way and never use your stove or burner as heating elements because we don’t want to cause further harm with carbon monoxide or home fires.”



“We we are always in need of blood donors at the Red Cross. I’m sure you all have heard that before. There’s no substitute for blood. We don’t have a way to do that yet, so the only way we can give lifesaving blood to people who need it. And that’s that’s one American every two seconds. I don’t know if people realize that, but a lot of us have friends and family who have benefited from from blood donations. So we always want to encourage people to give, especially at the holidays and maybe you have other things on your mind. And so we’ve got a really cool promotion going on … From now until (December 17), if you come in and donate blood, then you can get a $10 Amazon gift card via email is pretty great this time of year. And then if you come in after the 17th, 18th through the end of the month, we have this amazing Yeti shirt that says ‘Yeti, Set, Donate.'”




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