▶️ Brits living in Bend react to Queen Elizabeth II’s death


“It’s like losing a family member,” says Jane Loveday about the death of Queen Elizabeth II Thursday.

Loveday, born and raised in England, is a realty broker in Bend. 

“The Queen has been somebody that we have had with us our whole lives,” Loveday said. “It’s not like a president where they change out every 4-8 years.” 

Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years, appointing 15 prime ministers in that span, and beginning her rule with Winston Churchill. 

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England’s longest reigning monarch fulfilled her duties to the very end, appointing Britain’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, just two days before her death.

The Queen even taking time to sign a wedding card recently for Pauline Wilson’s parents.

“If you reach a 60th wedding anniversary, then a family member can request a card and my parents got their 60th and just recently their 65th,” said Wilson, who is also from England. “It was touch and go whether she might last long enough to sign the card, but she did.”

Elizabeth’s son is now King Charles III. It’s a drastic change of the monarchy that most people alive today have never known.

“The Queen will always be the Queen,” Loveday said. “That’s what England is.”

England will now observe 10 days of national mourning in honor of Her Majesty.


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