▶️ Purcell Blvd. bridge closure nears; commuters to parks and schools look for alternate routes



Daniel Wagner takes his dogs, Thor and Athena, to Pine Nursery Park each day.

But thanks to some upcoming construction, they could be spending more time driving and less time playing.

“It’s definitely going to add a mile or two to the route.”

Starting February 17th, the bridge off of Purcell Boulevard will be closed for two and a half months.

That means many drivers will need to find alternate routes, including Wagner, who typically crosses the bridge to get to the dog park.

“I’m going to have to take a much larger, longer route on the way to the dog park,” says Wagner, “and it’s going to cause a lot more congestion, and the other school zones that I specifically try to avoid because of the high congestion in those areas.”

It takes Wagner about 8 minutes to get to the dog park. During the bridge closure, he expects it will take him fifteen minutes.

That’s 49 extra minutes per week, 3 hours and 16 minutes per month – 8 hours and 10 minutes by the time construction ends.

Wagner says, “It’s going to improve the mobility of people coming through there, and the congestion that has happened in the past in that area. But also by not doing like a night crew or … you know there’s other options.”

City officials say the project will improve safety and connectivity, which Wagner believes will benefit him, his pups, and other residents in the long run.

The city invites those who’d like to learn more about the bridge closure to an open house Wednesday, February 5th from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran School.


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