▶️ Pumice pit to college campus: Work begins to expand OSU-Cascades



OSU-Cascade’s has officially started expanding its campus, beginning construction in the old pumice mine adjacent to the school.

This is the start of shaping the pumice mine and setting up a future campus out in that area,” said Jarrod Pentilla, construction project mananger

The current construction is Phase One in a multi-phase project that will eventually include dozens of buildings and infrastructure on 128 acres in southwest Bend.

Phase one will encompass work in the pumice mine and 72 acre landfill the school purchased in 20-17, and work on the school’s second academic building – a $49 million facility to house new science, technology, engineering, arts and math programs.

ts, roads, walkways, bike paths through campus. And then, finally, we’ll build Academic Building 2.” 

Crews right now are moving more than 650,000 tons of pumice and other materials. The next step will be to raise it up 40 feet using natural fill.

“We’re not importing any material from off-site, it’s all usable crushed material from on site and we’re putting it back as a fill to bring these new buildings up,” said Justin Barden of Taylor Northwest LLC. “Where the crusher is, above that, that’ll be where the first building is installed.”

Pentilla says that while growth will be slow over the coming years, Phase One is just the start as the school plans to add a new academic building to the campus every two to four years.

“We’re excited to take this first step in expanding the campus and add Academic Building Two and add that capacity for students for the Central Oregon area,” he said. 

The 50,000-square-foot academic building is set to open in fall of 2021.


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