▶️ Oregon psilocybin open by summer, advocacy group suggests


As the rollout of Oregon’s psilocybin service program continues, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting psychedelic therapy provided an update on the state program Thursday.

The Healing Advocacy Fund estimates service centers will open to clients by this summer.

So far, 19 service center license applications have been submitted to the Oregon Health Authority. None has been approved yet.

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When service centers do open, don’t expect quick access to the psilocybin therapy right away.

“The rules are there’s at least a 24 hour gap, but we’re going to require even longer than that. So I anticipate weeks between approaching a sort of center during the intake, having the talks, deciding if and how it is right for you and your first session, said Ryan Reid, president of psilocybin therapy firm Drop Thesis.

The Healing Advocacy Fund  adds that opening dates for service centers depend on the licensing for manufacturers, labs and facilitators.



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