▶️ Proposed multi-story complex near Box Factory likely to move forward


The City of Bend has received a proposal to build a multi-story complex near The Box Factory.

The development is just another big change to this part of town, as a larger mixed-use development is also in the works next-door.

“Three hundred units or so of residential and then commercial ground floor,” Allison Platt, City of Bend core area project manager said. “So that would be like retail uses or restaurant uses.”

The Industrial Way location is one of the areas the city identified in 2016 as part of the community’s growth plan.

The project is still in the pre-application stage, but is expected to move forward.

If approved, five to six stories will be built through Portland-based developer Killian Pacific; who also own The Box Factory.

The next step is for developers to meet with the Southern Crossing and Old Bend Neighborhood Associations.

The Southern Crossing chair tells us they have been impressed with Killian Pacific so far, and have been speaking with the company for about six months.

One worry residents in the area do have is traffic, but developers will be expected to submit a traffic impact analysis.

“This area will see more traffic, that is a guarantee,” Platt said. “We already have a general idea of what those transportation improvements are, but connecting those improvements to the phasing of development is sort of the next process that we’re working on right now.”

The city also anticipates developers will encounter significant challenges when it comes to figuring out ownership around Industrial Way.

“There’s some coordination that’s needed with some of the adjacent property owners,” Platt said. “Related to transportation that we’re working through with them”

As for timing, Platt says this project will not go under construction for at least another year.

Renderings do not include a spot for Spoken Moto specifically.

We could not get in contact with an owner, but the city says that is a conversation between the business and the developer.

“They currently rent or lease that space from the development group today,” Platt said.

One thing is for sure, this will not be the end of Bend’s urban growth.

“Expect to continue to see this type of development be a lot more common in the future in Bend,” Platt said.

The Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association will discuss the project in a virtual meeting Wednesday night.


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