▶️ Prominent, but long-abandoned, building in Madras to be torn down


A prominent, but long-vacant Madras building is about to be demolished, and to many residents, it’s about time.

City officials say that over the past decade, the building has not only been an eyesore to the community, but a safety hazard as well.

It’s known as the old Rock Shop.

What used to be a local business is now just a rundown building on the side of Highway 26.

One that’s endured years of vandalism, trash, and abandoned vehicles.

Now it’s time to demolish the Rock Shop and make this area a little more pleasant for those who pass through Madras.

“There’s really two goals. One is to remove the building and environment that inspires people to loiter, vagrancy, or illegal dumping,” said Nicholas Snead, community development director. “The second is to preserve this property and public ownership.”

The city purchased the building in June and plans to utilize the space for storm water management but an official plan is not set in stone.

“If we ever need it for future transportation or utility improvements, then we can definitely do that,” Snead said. 

However, the most significant force behind this project is community appeal.

Snead said the property doesn’t truly reflect the way residents feel about Madras.

“It doesn’t look all that great, but Madras is a great place to live, work, and recreate. People drive by this all the time not knowing about the circumstances, so we get to clean this blemish up,” he said. “That really is a goal that our community has and in early November we’ll have solved that.”

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