▶️ Prineville woman in D.C. for Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally



Thousands of President Trump supporters are migrating to Washington D.C. this week to protest the election results, which will be affirmed by Congress Wednesday.

Deborah Tilden, of Prineville and president of The Central Oregon Federated Republican Women, arrived Monday.

“Very fun, positive energy,” Tilden said from her hotel room. “People that really just care. There’s kids with their families here from all over the country.”

Tilden says she’s in D.C. for future generations.

“It really is about the legacy we leave of freedom and equality and just fairness in elections,” Tilden said.

She says there is evidence that supports a Donald Trump victory.

“If anybody is willing to look at the evidence of the forensic audits that have been done, it matters,” Tilden said. “It matters to all of us and everybody who cares about the country, truth and honestly, should want to look at that data.”

State and Federal courts have repeatedly ruled there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the presidential election.

“Unfortunately, the courts have become very politicized,” Tilden said when asked about State and Federal court outcomes. “They don’t look to the constitution to direct them.”

Tilden plans to attend tomorrows “Stop the Steal” rally.

“This is truly about walking out and carrying out what our constitution has set in place already, to ensure fair and honest elections,” she said.

Tilden believes rallies like this give small towns, like Prineville, a say.

“People who live in rural communities, they get a voice when we compete against these big cities, who are deciding a lot of, who know mob rule versus the electoral college and the fairness of all communities being able to have a voice.” 


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