▶️ Story of Prineville man who walked 33 miles to work makes national news


A Prineville man’s 33-mile journey of determination and a Bend couple’s big-hearted gesture have made national news.

ABC’s “World News Tonight” featured the story of Eric Akers, which Central Oregon Daily News first brought you on Wednesday.

After Eric’s car broke down and he spent his last dime to have it towed, he ended up walking 33 miles from Prineville to Bend.

Why? To make sure he didn’t miss work.

That story got such a response, several people reached out asking how they could help.

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One was Chris Arsenault. He and his wife had a 1997 Honda that they didn’t need. 

Chris handed over the keys and the title to Eric Thursday.

“World News Tonight” talked to both men Friday about the experience.

“I love the car,” Eric said. “I thank you so much to Chris and his wife. So generous. I don’t have to walk 33 miles and that means the world to me.”

Sitting with his son, Chris hopes there’s a lesson to be learned here.

“My hope would be that everybody realize how lucky we really are in our lives and take the time to help somebody.” Chris said.

And ABC News loved the story so much, they aired it again Saturday morning on “Good Morning America” with more photos of Eric with his new car.

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