▶️ Prineville tow truck driver’s death highlights dangers of the industry



Brian Williams was a friend, a fiancée, and a brother to six sisters.

“Brian was a really good person. He had a really good heart. He loved to work on cars,” said Julie Williams, Brian’s youngest sister.

Julie Williams and other family members gathered at Howard Hall on Tuesday to share stories and celebrate his life.

“It’s hard for all of us. He’s the only boy out of seven children. It’s hard for all of us girls. It is sudden.” 

Last Thursday, Williams, who was an employee of Dave’s Towing of Prineville, had been working to remove a crashed semi truck on Millican Road South of Prineville.

He was accidentally run over by a tow truck driven by a co-worker.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, he died Friday morning. He was 46.

No criminal charges are expected.

“I do know that this is a tragic accident. We work with tow truck drivers on a daily basis. We know them all, they respond when other people won’t just like we will. I believe it’s a tragic accident,” said Sgt. Bill Elliott with the Crook County Sheriff’s Office.

A 2019 study from NIOSH found workers in the motor vehicle towing industry face on the job fatality risk nearly 15 times greater than workers in all other private industries.

The accident is a reminder of the dangers tow truck drivers face daily on a job we all rely on, especially this time of year.

“People don’t slow down, and accidents are easy to happen, whether it be with another coworker someone driving on an icy road,” Julie Williams said. 


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