▶️ Lights shine down on Prineville to raise awareness about sexual assault


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. On Tuesday night, flashing emergency lights and headlights were shining down the city of Prineville in support of sexual assault victims.

Saving Grace, an organization that works with sexual violence survivors, hosted a group outside the Crook County Courthouse.

After some brief presentations, they drove up to the Ochoco Viewpoint to shine their lights on the town and bring awareness to this important issue.

“Prevention of sexual assault really starts with youth, with young ones, and talking with kids about ‘This is what consent looks like in a relationship. This is what a healthy relationship looks like,'” said Trish Meyer, Assistant Executive Director with Saving Grace.

Meyer says they serve about 200 people in Prineville every year, and that’s just a fraction of those impacted by sexual violence. This means there’s significant under-reporting and the problem is bigger than any statistics could show.

Meyer says for every one report of sexual assault, three others go unreported.


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