▶️ Prineville rancher competing on ‘Ultimate Cowboy Showdown’ next month


A Prineville man will make his national television debut in just under a month, competing in an INSP series called “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” hosted by country music star Trace Adkins.

Buck Faust, a horse trainer and cattle rancher, says being a cowboy is very close to his heart and is all he has ever wanted to be.

“Any sort of stuff you can imagine a cowboy done, we did it,” Faust said. “It can be very low-tense, kind of laid back and just do the best you can do, or it was high-tense and you better show up and perform.”

The competition was filmed from October to November of 2021 in Converse County, Wyoming.

Faust was one of 14 cowboys from across the nation, selected out of hundreds of applicants, competing in challenges he could not yet disclose.

What he could tell us was how life-changing the prize would be.

“You’re awarded $50,000 worth of cattle, an arrowquip cattle chute, and an arrowquip heeler portable corral,” Faust said. “So for a young man to win that, it gives you a big step up in the cattle business.”

Faust was in his element, for the most part.

“It was a little different being around all them cameras,” Faust said.

With eliminations each night and 16 hour filming days, tensions ran high, but Faust says friendships were formed and made for a worthwhile experience.

“Sometimes it got tough, but you know what, that’s what a cowboy is,” Faust said. “When the times get tougher, they get tougher.”

He is more than a cowboy at heart, something the nation will get to see first-hand.

“If you like a little bit of tension, see what’s going to unfold,” Faust said. “I’d dang sure tune in.”

Season 3 of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown will air April 21st on INSP.


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