▶️ Prineville named a top 10 dynamic micropolitan city in US


Prineville is put on a top 10 list as one of the most dynamic cities in the country.

The nonprofit Heartland Forward named the city in Crook County as the 9th-most dynamic micropolitan out of 536 in the U.S.

It defines a micropolitan as a town with “10,000 to 50,000 residents and outlying areas with close economic ties to those communities.”

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The report looked at the economy of these towns between 2015 and 2021. 

Not only is it No. 9 overall, Prineville ranked 1st in pay growth in 2019-2020 and No. 2 in employment growth over that same time.

Here’s how Prineville ranked in specific categories:

Prineville, OR    
2021 Population:   25,739
Overall Rank:   9
Young Firm Employment Share:   12.42% (Rank:117)
Young Firm Knowledge Intensity:   15.67% (Rank:216)
2020 Per-Capita Personal Income:   $47,964 (Rank:372)
Medium-Term (2015-2020) Employment Growth:   9.21% (Rank:15)
Short-Term (2019-2020) Employment Growth:   4.17% (Rank:2)
Short-Term Job Momentum (September 2020-September 2021):   6.24% (Rank:43)
Medium-Term (2015-2020) Average Pay Growth:   24.23% (Rank:64)
Short-Term (2019-2020) Average Pay Growth:   17.06% (Rank:1)
Medium-Term (2015-2020) GDP Growth:   28.4% (Rank:17)
Short-Term (2019-2020) GDP Growth:   2.03% (Rank:49)

Prineville is the only Oregon town in the top 25, with The Dalles coming in at No. 31.

You can read the full report at this link.



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