▶️ Brother of 15-year-old seen punching girl in Prineville video speaks out


The day after Central Oregon Daily News reported on a video showing a fight at that raised alarm among community members in Prineville, the brother of one of those involved wanted to speak out.

Eric Vargas spoke with us about the incident involving his brother, Danni Vargas, punching and throwing Shannon Maynard.

Both Danni and Shannon are 15 years old.

The Vargas family wanted their side to be told since the video was posted to a Prineville community Facebook page and gained a lot of attention. 

Eric says his brother got involved to defend his girlfriend, Myra. 

“When Shannon came attacking me and I tried to avoid that, she started hitting everyone else, and that’s when she grabbed Myra and she had hit my brother before that so that’s the reason he had jumped in,” said Eric. 

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Eric, wearing the white cowboy hat in the video, claims the girls, Shannon Maynard and Jissella Bautista, started the fight by throwing drinks, punches and one of them pulling a knife.

Bautista has not responded to requests for comment on that accusation. Maynard’s family says she was diagnosed with a concussion and they say her memory of the event may be impacted.

Nearly everyone in the fight is a minor. Both sides admit they had been drinking alcohol. 

Those involved are pointing the finger of blame at each other.

So far, no one has been charged. Police will only say they are investigating.


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