▶️ Video of fight involving 15-year-old girl in Prineville; Police investigate


(Clarification: The family said they had reported the incident to police before the video went public.)

Video of a fight last weekend that included a 15-year-old Prineville girl has has raised concern among community members after the video was shared, briefly, on social media. A police investigation into the incident is underway.

Shannon Maynard was involved in the altercation Saturday at a baptism celebration at the Crook County Fairgrounds. She claims she has no idea what started the fight.

“I started freaking out because everybody was hitting me, and it was just a really messy situation. I just wish it had never happened, any of it,” said Maynard.

This video of the fight was given to police in Prineville and shared with Central Oregon Daily News by Maynard’s family.

She says she stepped in when her 18-year-old cousin, Jissella Bautista, was being choked by one of the men in the video. 

“He got into it and then punched me and then punched my cousin a couple times,” said Bautista.

Maynard says and she knows the man who allegedly attacked her and her cousin. 

“They had went to my school. I mean, we had never really known each other well, but I had just went there and we have seen each other and heard of each other,” said Maynard.

After the fight, Maynard and Bautista filed a police report. Police have not confirmed any details of the case and told us that the investigation is ongoing. 


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