▶️ World War II airplane murals being painted on Prineville Airport hangars


A number of hangars at Prineville Airport will be receiving a few coats of paint and a little history lesson to go with it. Twenty-two murals of World War II aircraft are being painted on the buildings. 

For Prineville artist Glen Ness, it’s a massive job with each mural taking about a week to complete. 

“And I thought we were going to do a couple of doors, but it ended up being a whole bank of doors. So it’s growing as we go,” said Ness, who has done 10 so far. “I’m learning more historically about World War II planes and their development.”

“The backgrounds on all of these are just unbelievable. It feels like you are in the air flying,” said hangar owner Jeanne Zerbe.

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Zerbe wanted to make her airport hangars less blasé, as she put it. So she contacted Ness for the job and gave one guideline.

“She had an idea for just the Allied and U.S. planes only. And that’s the only stipulation she put on me,” Ness said. “She gave me a few books that had some history. Started with a few drawings and she loved them. And after a while, after she saw the first two, she just let me go.”

Ness is completely transforming those hangars into a work of art.

“It’s kind of exciting. And it’s not to be real showy. You cannot really see it from the highway, but if you’re a pilot and you fly in, you’re going to see it and you’re going to appreciate it,” Zerbe said.

“It gives you a challenge. But I love working large,” Ness said.

“I could not be prouder. And to see the results, yes, I’m thrilled. Absolutely thrilled,” Zerbe said.


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