▶️ Trump supporters rally in Redmond for ‘stop the steal’ protest



Supporters of President Trump rallied in Redmond today.

It was a peaceful and vocal protest.

About 200 people showed up with signs and flags and “stop the steal” messages.

“Never before in my 61 years have I ever seen anything so breathlessly lawless as what’s happening to us right now,” one protestor said.

Protestors gathered in the 7th Street Plaza at Centennial Park, then marched west one block to Redmond City Hall.

There, they railed against Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s use of executive authority requiring people wear masks and other efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 .

“We will not comply,” they chanted.

Police patrolled on foot and drove past several times. One officer said he didn’t expect any trouble.

Participants Central Oregon Daily spoke with said they did not support the violence in Washington D.C., where Trump supporters broke into the capitol rotunda while Congress was certifying the electoral college vote.

“Four more years. Four more years,” protestors chanted.

The rally lasted about 40 minutes. Participants were encouraged to attend a people’s rights meeting Thursday night.

The event ended with protestors singing “God Bless America.”


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