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The 22nd annual Powderhound Preview and Fundraiser takes place at the Tower Theater on Wednesday, November 15. The event features movies of backcountry adventures made by locals and is a successful fundraiser that sells out every year.

“It mostly focuses on winter, but we’ve also shown things with mountain biking, kayaking, climbing and slacklining. We’ve had some amazing films of nature photography. It’s open to everybody, but being that it is the Powderhound Preview and Fundraiser, we love to see a lot of winter shots,” said Dan McGarigle, event organizer and owner of Pine Mountain Sports.

The $15 admission fee and raffles during the event raise funds for Deschutes County Search and Rescue, the Central Oregon Avalanche Center and local non-profits.

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Over the years, the Powderhound Preview has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars while generating excitement about the upcoming winter season.

“Anybody can submit a film. One of the great things about this event is it’s all done by local filmmakers and photographers. We really rely on their content 100% to make sure that we have a show,” McGarigle said.

Powderhound Preview and Fundraiser


“Last year, we did a movie called South Sister,” said Barksdale Brown. “It was a group of local Bend guys riding their mountain bikes up to the trailhead of South Sister, then we skied up and skied down. It was kind of an epic adventure, probably one of my favorite movies so far.”

Brown is one of many locals who submit movies to be shown in the Powderhound Preview. He started making movies of ski trips for people who went on trips with him. When he heard about the opportunity to share his films with larger audiences while helping non-profit organizations that support winter recreation, he thought, ‘Why not?’

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“We knew we wanted to make a movie about South Sister, but we didn’t know how it would unfold,” Brown said. “It’s a big trip — 20-plus miles round trip. Weight was a factor. We were basically carrying our skis and our gear up there. We were thinking iPhone, small, DGI pocket cameras. That’s generally what we shot on. Then we shot a lot because the more you have, the more choices when you make the film. Then you have the music and the sound component which is tricky if you are using an iPhone or a small camera to get good sound. We do a lot of thinking about what kind of soundtrack might work behind it because sound is important. As far as the types of films we make, generally, it’s chronological. We are trying to describe a trip.”


Powderhound Preview is “a great opportunity to see your work on the big screen at the Tower Theater in downtown Bend,” McGarigle said. “I also have to admit, the event itself, it feels like a party. We bring a local band. We do a bunch of fundraising via raffles. Once you arrive, you realize you are in the exact right place. There is no other place you’d rather be than in the Tower Theater that evening.”

The Tower Theater doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:00 p.m.

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All the raffle ticket sales benefit the Central Oregon Avalanche Center and Deschutes County Search and Rescue.

“With search and rescue, that’s the phone call you never want to make. But when you have to make that phone call, you sure are glad there’s literally over 100 volunteers in search and rescue that go out and take care of people who can’t help themselves in the wilderness,” McGarigle said.

Powderhound Preview and Fundraiser tickets are available only in person at Pine Mountain Sports, 255 SW Century Drive. No ticket sales are at the door on the night of the event.

“When you go to Powderhound, you feel part of the local community,” Brown said. “You realize the money you are spending is going back in a meaningful way to help support non-profits in the community. It’s a great feeling. It gets you psyched for winter. There’s some great movies highlighting the local mountain scene and local activities. It’s a lot of fun.”

Powderhound Preview and Fundraiser


“We’d love to see you down there, McGarigle said. “Bring a couple of extra bucks. Bring more than a couple of extra bucks because we are going to ask you to help people here in Central Oregon.

Movies about outdoor adventures that help raise funds for non-profit organizations that help keep people safe in the great outdoors.

A recipe for success.


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