▶️ Portland Trail Blazers unveil PDX carpet-inspired alternate uniform


If you’re one of those people who embraced the quirky tradition of taking a photo of your feet on the teal carpet at Portland International Airport, the Portland Trail Blazers see you. And they’re recognizing that strange tradition by unveiling their alternate PDX uniform.

The black uniform includes teal highlights and a teal, diagonal stripe down the front that includes the markings you see on the famous PDX carpet. Those markings represent how the north and south runways of the airport look if you’re seeing them from above.

“The City Edition uniform showcases the confidence and quirkiness that defines Portland, as no other team or city would embrace an airport carpet pattern to the degree that Portlanders have,” the Blazers said in a statement.

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The letters PDX also appear on the uniform in big, bold letters while the “ripcity” is on the front of the shorts.

PDX is the official code for the airport — just as RDM is for Redmond Municipal Airport. But PDX has become a common nickname for Portland itself.

The Blazers will debut the new look on Nov. 15 against the San Antonio Spurs.

Of course, you can buy one for your own. They run $140 for one with a player’s name on it or to have a custom one made.


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