Portland Public Schools to require vaccination for all employees


Oregon’s largest school district announced Wednesday they will require COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees during the 2021-2022 school year.

Portland Public Schools made the choice along with the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) and the Portland Federation of School Professionals (PFSP).

“Vaccinations against COVID-19 are the most effective way to protect children, youth and adults,” Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrerro said.

“Parents can rest assured that our school district is exercising every available lever, including the requirement of vaccines and masks and the implementation of other health and safety measures, to protect every PPS student, our employees and our Portland community.”

The district and the labor unions are still sorting out the details of the vaccine requirement, which will include frequent COVID-19 testing for employees who aren’t vaccinated for health reasons.

PPS employees will need to submit proof of vaccination by Aug. 31, or else opt for the frequent testing option.

“We know that vaccinations are the first line of defense, and the most important of the many measures we can take to keep our students, school communities and our broader community safe,” Board of Education Chair Michelle DePass said.

“PPS has adjusted throughout the dynamic and ever-changing pandemic, and this mandate is the right step to take right now.”

According to their website, PPS has more than 49,000 students attending their 81 schools.


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