▶️ Destination Oregon: Portland Aerial Tram


Thousands of people who work for the largest employer in Portland have a most unusual commute. And you can join them on their way to or from work.

Why would you even want to do that? Because it takes you 500 feet above the south waterfront area of downtown Portland.

It’s the Portland Aerial Tram. 

The tram is one of the main commuting options for Oregon Health and Science University, which employs about 20,000 people.

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The tram leaves the south waterfront area and makes the 3,300-foot trip to the top of Marquam Hill in four minutes.

That four-minute commute from the south waterfront medical campus is a massive improvement from what used to be a 20-minute drive down the hill.

But you don’t need a medical degree to ride the tram. Anyone can use it.

A round-trip ticket costs $5.95. If you’d like to hitch a ride, visit gobytram.com to help plan your jaunt above south downtown Portland.

If you’re staying in downtown Portland, you can hop on a streetcar that will deposit you at the bottom of the tram, thereby avoiding a parking hassle.

The tram cars can carry up to 78 people. They top out at 22 mph and it is a smooth ride.



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