▶️ Police searching for hit & run suspect who injured Bend cyclist


Around 6 o clock Sunday night, Kristin Holton expected her son 18-year-old son Parker to be home any minute.

He had ridden his e-bike to Juniper swim and fitness nearby. Instead, around 5:40, she received a disconcerting phone call.

“He was very confused and he’s like, ‘I, uh…I got hit by a car,” said Kristin Holton, Parker’s mom.

Parker was hit at 9th Street and Penn Avenue hard enough that he was knocked from the bike lane and into the street.

The driver, a man in is 20’s who said his name was Michael, did stop to check on Parker and even gave Parker a phone number – a phone number police have determined to be fake.

Parker suffered injuries to his legs and hands, a broken toe and a concussion.

“He hit his head, which he has no recollection of but his helmet shows it because it’s all broken,” she said. 

But Parker says that when he suggested he call police because he was injured, the man left.

“He thought my son was fine and that he needed to go,” Holton said. 

Holton says this isn’t Parker’s first time being struck by a vehicle. Almost two years ago to the day he was hit by a car while riding his bike home from Bend High.

“People are not paying attention, and it’s disappointing we should feel safe in our city,” she said. “We need maybe more rules or regulations, I don’t know, more accountability.”

Kristin is determined to hold the man who hit her son accountable as well.

“I want this person to know that he has changed somebody’s life. Why wouldn’t you want to help someone who was injured?”


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