▶️ Police investigate Saturday’s rally as BLM supporters ask Bend leaders to do more


A photo taken on Saturday in Bend shows a man holding a gun and pointing it at a woman.

But it’s what didn’t happen next that has some community members asking questions of the police.

Lt. Juli McConkey said the man holding the gun was not cited on Saturday, but his gun was confiscated and he was given a receipt. Bend Police won’t comment on the incident.

“It’s still an open investigation right now and we’re working diligently trying to piece all of it together,” McConkey said.

The photo was taken near Pilot Butte, where witnesses say violence erupted Saturday when a group of President Trump’s supporters arrived at a Black Lives Matter gathering.

“It started out as a beautiful day on Saturday and it turned into a series of horrific events we were traumatized from,” Mylea Parker, a BLM activist, said.

“We need better protection,” Josie Stanfield, founder of Central Oregon Diversity Project, said. “We need people to start listening to us now.”

Black Lives Matter supporters gathered Monday in front of the Bend Police Station to ask Bend leaders to do more to help their cause.

“We’re trying to get a statement from our city leaders and our city officials saying they don’t stand for this,” Stanfield said. “They put a statement out saying they stand for equality and fairness and we want their actions to follow their words.”

Those at Monday’s gathering said they felt unsupported and unprotected by Bend Police on Saturday.

“Our systems need to be created to support everyone,” Rita Schenkelberg, a candidate for Bend City Council, said. “They can’t be systems that support only one side. They can’t be systems that allow guns to be drawn and for there to be no conversation, no change and no arrests connected to that.”

McConkey says Bend Police can’t comment on anything related to Saturday, because much of the day is still under investigation.


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