▶️ New details about 2 poached black bears found in Oregon trees


Oregon wildlife investigators have released more details about the deaths of two poached black bears whose bodies were found in trees earlier this year. It’s hoped that the new information will help lead to the arrest of whoever was responsible.

Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife troopers responded to a call on Oct. 29 of a bear with an arrow protruding from its chest, high in a tree off Anderson Creek Road near Talent.

It took a fire department ladder truck to get to the 275-pound female bear, which was about 40-50 feet up in the tree. It took about five minutes to dislodge the carcass by using a roof hook and shaking the tree.

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Investigators say the bear was shot multiple times with both a firearm and a bow and arrow, then left it to die. 

“In my career I have not seen anything like this,” Jackson Co Fire District Five Captain Dave Meads said in a statement. “When we were called out, it wasn’t clear it was poaching. I’m an avid outdoorsman, and it’s important that people follow the rules ODFW sets to keep the opportunities. When certain people choose not to follow those rules, it affects everyone.”

Investigators also found the decomposed carcass of a second bear in another tree nearby. They did not remove that bear because the body was so decomposed and scavenged.

“This is probably not a case of people simply having problems with bears, but a case of senseless killing,” said Derek Broman, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife carnivore coordinator.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Oregon State Police Dispatch at 1-800-452-7888, *OSP (*677), or email at TIP@osp.oregon.gov. Reference case number SP22291483.


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