▶️ Playful Paws in Bend provides safe hangout space for cats


A new cat cafe is open in Bend. 

Playful Paws provides a safe space for people and cats to socialize and hang out. 

“Bend is such an animal-centric community. Obviously everybody has a dog. Dogs get to hang out everywhere. Cats are not nearly as social. They don’t want to come hang out. Probably at, you know, at the beer garden. So we want a place for our cat members of the community to come and be represented,” Playful Paws owner April Ferguson said. “You can be a dog person and a cat person. You don’t have to be one or the other. And I guarantee if you come in and play with these little furry guys, you will be a cat person when you leave.”

Playful Paws has partnered with the Humane Society of Central Oregon to provide the adoptable pets you’ll find there. The cafe currently hosts six cats and also allows customers to adopt and bring these cats home.

It’s located at 1465 SW Knoll Ave, Suite 102, near the corner of SW Century Drive. Reservations are encouraged, and you’ll want to read the rules ahead of time before you book. 

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