▶️ Caught on camera: Washington state deputies free elk tangled in rope swing


A Washington state sheriff’s department released video showing the recent rescue of an elk whose antlers were caught in a rope swing.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department posted bodycam video from the Sept. 1 incident on Facebook. The deputies were responding to an injured animal call.

“Usually these can require deputies to put the injured animal down,” the department said. “With a delay for other agencies to respond our deputies stepped up to the challenge of freeing this young bull elk.”

The video shows the elk tangled in the rope all the way down to where the antlers come out of his head.

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A deputy used a lopper to try cutting the ropes, but works to keep the tree between himself and the elk.

At one point, the elk charged at the deputy, but he was able to get out of the way.

Eventually, the deputies used a knife they attached to the end of a rake handle to cut the remaining rope, freeing the elk.

The news gets better. The same elk was spotted on a resident’s game camera grabbing some food at a feed station.

Pierece County Elk swing rescue
(CREDIT: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department)



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