▶️ Photograph delivered – 45 years after it was mailed


Bev Chappelle has lived in the Pacific Northwest for decades.

“Her biggest claim to fame is that she started the Dougy Center in Portland which is a center for children who have lost either a sibling or parent,” said her son Steve.

The 80-year-old lived in the same home in Portland for nearly 50 years before selling it in the Spring of 2017 to move to an assisted living facility in Bend.

Bev hasn’t lived in Portland for nearly three years, which made a phone call Steve received a few weeks ago all the more surprising.

“The realtor that sold mom’s house called and said that the new owners called them, that they’d received a piece of mail postmarked 1974 and they wanted to somehow forward it to mom,” he said. 

September 1974 to be exact, and it came out of the blue.

Inside the package was a photograph by former Oregonian photographer Mike Lloyd

“Mom had a print from the newspaper, from the Oregonian hanging on the wall by where she ironed in the basement and my only guess as to where this came from is that she ordered a print and it got mailed to her but it didn’t get here for 45 years,” he said. 

“I’m just dumbfounded! Beverly said. 

Nobody is sure what happened to the package or why it took so long to find.

Steve and Bev are just happy it arrived, Steve for slightly different reasons than his mother.

“Mom is difficult in terms of a Christmas list because she doesn’t want much, doesn’t ask for mush, so getting something that was Christmas themed and kind of a surprise out of the blue and being able to frame it and give it to her for Christmas was special.”



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