Petes Lake Fire: Little growth, but drier conditions coming

Firefighter chainsaw

The Petes Lake Fire has shown little growth over the Labor Day weekend, but conditions are expected to get drier in the coming days.

Fire managers say the fire is now at 320 acres and remains zero percent contained. It’s burning about five miles west of Elk Lake.

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Here is what fire managers predict for the fire over the next few days:

  • 12 hours: Fire continues to smolder and creep in the areas of protected dry fuels as it continues to burn in a mosaic pattern following the protected dry fuels. Some increase in burning may occur as drying trend starts.
  • 24 hours: The starting of a brief cycle of warmer temperatures and lowering relative humidity will help increase the burning potential. Areas that didn’t get any measurable rainfall may still burn slowly as the fuel moisture slowly rise along with the shorter day light hours.
  • 48 hours: Smoldering continues in the fire area, with slight drop in relative humidity and warmer temperatures, unburned protected fuels can still be consumed if they do not receive any type of moisture.
  • 72 hours: As temperatures slowly rise, and relative humidities slightly drops. Smoldering will continue in areas of protected unburned dry fuels, but potential for torching could occur. 
  • Anticipated after 72 hours: Smoldering may continue to burn in protected dry fuels within the fire area as burning conditions are slowly rising as a return to drier conditions. 

The fire was started by lightning on Aug. 25.


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