▶️ Pet safety tips for the holidays and winter season


Pet safety is relevant year-round, but there are some tips specific to the holidays and winter season.

“When temperatures drop, it’s best to bring your pets inside. If it feels cold to you, it most likely is for your pets as well,” Lynne Ouchida, Humane Society of Central Oregon community outreach manager said. “Especially when it’s snowing, when it’s wet, or it’s windy, you want to make sure your pet has a protected area. Or again, be brought inside or into the garage.”

Even the furry friends who do not belong to us can be protected.

“If you see strays out there, one of the best things that you can do is if you can bring them to the Humane Society or any veterinarian to see if there’s a microchip,” Ouchida said. “If there’s a microchip, then we can help quickly reunite that animal with its family.”

As holiday festivities begin, there is even more to look out for inside the home.

“Check your pet right now to see if they have an ID tag, and make sure that information is legible and the phone numbers on there are current. If you have a microchip implanted in your pet, make sure that that information is current as well,” Ouchida said. “Dogs and cats can get stressed during the holiday gatherings, and doors are often left open.”

Do not forget about what is under the tree, odds are, it is not all pet friendly.

“Cat and dogs can be curious, and all the ribbon can cause some intestinal upset if they actually eat that,” Ouchida said. “So let them enjoy helping you unwrap, but make sure you’re supervising them along the way.”

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