News Team

Our team delivers local news, weather and events from a lifestyle perspective. Hover over the pictures to learn more about the crew.

Curtis Vogel

Manager of News and Local Content

Curtis Vogel believes in the power of storytelling to spotlight stories that are underrepresented in the community, speak truth to power, be a watchdog against government corruption, and to stand up for those who don’t have the ability to stand up for themselves. In his new role as Manager of News and Local Content, Curtis is leading the startup of a new news department for KOHD-ABC, KBNZ-CBS, and COTV.

Samantha O’Connor


As a 13-year local of Bend, Samantha has a deep passion for Central Oregon and the stories of this community. She has six years of experience in the industry, all of which were spent in Bend, giving her an edge in Central Oregon reporting. She anchors the 3pm and 5pm broadcasts and takes pride in making viewers feel engaged, informed and excited about where we live.

Dorrell Wenninger


My interest in weather started in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. I rode out the storm a mile from the beach with my immediate family and saw the devastation of the worst storm to hit the MS Gulf Coast in 36 years. During the couple of weeks after the storm, I climbed the ten foot piles of debris and tried to salvage what I could. It was then that I recognized my calling and wanted to learn How & Why all of that happened so I could tell everyone When & Where it will happen next.

Eric Lindstrom


Eric grew up in Australia before moving to the U.S as a teenager. After graduating from Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production, Eric started his career in San Diego working as a sports videographer/editor before shifting his focus into the business world. After spending 5 years working in various management roles in San Diego and Australia, Eric and his wife moved to Bend to be closer to family. Eric joined the Central Oregon Daily team in 2015.

Anyssa Bohanan


Anyssa has never liked to sit still, and that’s how this native Texan ended up in Central Oregon, thousands of miles from the nearest Whataburger. After living overseas for several years she returned to the US to jump back into her first love, television, and is currently living her life-long dream of being a storyteller. When she’s not in front of the camera you can find her closest to the food in any social setting, shamelessly jamming out in public, binge watching shows.

Brian Jennings


Brian Jennings has spent most of his long media career in Portland and Seattle radio newsrooms. For 14 years, he served as National VP of News, Talk, and Sports for a major radio company that owned 243 stations. Hanging around Bend part and full time since 1972, Brian has seen many changes in Central Oregon’s landscape, which provides a unique storytelling perspective. Everyone has an interesting story and Brian loves to find a way to tell them.

Donna Britt


Donna Britt is the former executive producer of the nationally-syndicated radio show American Country Countdown. Her writing credits include the recently released cookbook Cookin’ It with Kix. Donna first relocated to Bend from her native South in 1988 and is the former host of “Cooking Central Oregon Style”. After a decade away from the beautiful Northwest, Donna came back ‘home’ in 2014.

Dave Jones


Dave has been television news director/anchor, cable manager, award-wining filmmaker and a closet country rocker. A longtime central Oregon resident (and native Oregonian), Dave is deeply involved in the community. He enjoys traveling the state with the Destination Oregon crew, finding the popular and unknown places that make our state such a great place to live.

Tim Wehde


Tim has been doing video work for the past 10 years. He loves to get outside and hunt, fish, hike, and enjoy neature (yes, spelled like that, because nature is neat). Tim has lived in Bend his whole life outside of the 2 years in Florida for college. He has a passion for design and handles the graphics and production for Central Oregon Daily.

Allison Roecker


After attending the New York Film Academy for digital editing, Allison spent a year in Los Angeles working on TV show sets as a production assistant. She learned the true meaning of “behind the scenes,” and loved every minute of her 18-hour work days. But she couldn’t ignore the opportunity to try something new, in a new place. And it is here, in Central Oregon, where Allison discovered her true passion: meeting people who make their passions a reality.

Matt Pugerude


Matt is our resident Central Oregon Daily videographer and editor. He has a passion for detail and making sure everyone he films is perfectly lit.

Cydney McFarland



Forrest Smith


Coming from rural Eastern Oregon, Forrest’s small-town upbringing adds a down-to-earth perspective to storytelling. After earning a BS in Media Arts and Communications and a minor in Film Production from Eastern Oregon University, Forrest put his storytelling talents to use by promoting community development programs. As a result, Forrest recognizes that video production is a great way to promote positive change in our community.

Cody Rheault



Mike Ficher

COTV Sports Play-by-Play Announcer

Mike was the voice of Crook County sports on KRCO for four years and served as the play-by-play announcer for broadcasts of Bend Elks’ games for four seasons. In addition, Mike is a voice, commercial and stage actor and public address announcer. During the past 10 years, Mike has called more than 250 football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball and softball games on radio, television and the Internet. He has been with COTV Sports since 2010.

Andy Satterfield

COTV Sports Analyst Announcer

If you look up “Football Fanatic” in the dictionary you would find a picture of Andy. Some have even referred to him as a football freak, although he fancies himself an “enthusiastic student of the game”. From peewee to professional Andy enjoys every aspect of the game of football of that there can be no doubt. Drawing on his experience as a former player, coach and lifelong fan Andy offers unique insights and perspectives to the COTV viewer.

Jim “Jimbo” Schoebel

COTV Sports Announcer

Jim’s passion for sports started at the age of 10, when he received a radio for his birthday and was hooked from that day. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, he quickly became a fan of the Blazers and announcer Bill Schonley. Jim has covered high school sports off and on since 1985 and he is a huge fan of all sports! When he’s not watching sports, he enjoys time with his wife and daughter and his dogs.