▶️ WATCH: Parked Pendleton Police SUV starts chain-reaction crash on icy hill

Snow tires

A parked police SUV on an icy hill in Pendleton started a chain reaction crash of other parked vehicles earlier this week. The incident was caught on video.

It shows the parked SUV sliding backward down the hill.

It then hits a boat.

The boat then hits a pickup truck.

And that truck hits another pickup.

The second truck then slides sideways while the first truck goes sliding into a car.


One of the police officers is seen with his hands on his knees, looking down the hill knowing he has no way to stop this.

“The crashes were concentrated in the hills, of course,” Chief Charles Byram told the East Oregonian. “No injuries resulted, just property damage. I guess that’s what we have insurance for. But it’s a lot for us to handle in one day, with our normal workload.”


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