▶️ Parents, teachers react to Bend-La Pine Schools reopening plan



Christina Kennedy is a mother of three and first grade teacher at Lava Ridge Elementary.

When she heard students will soon be returning back to school, she described it as a sigh of relief.

Kennedy said all of her kids will return in some capacity.

She also thought the staggered start among grades was a good call by the school district.

“With the numbers that we have and just all the different schools, and all the different programs, and different types of schools and all of that,” Kennedy said. “I really think it’ll feel less tumultuous.”

Christie Otley, also a mother of three, said she agrees.

Otley is happy the school district is providing a choice to return, but she is leaving that decision up to her kids.

“Overwhelmingly they wanted to go back,” Otley said. “My oldest son, he really likes the scheduling that Bend-La Pine online has provided for him and the flexibility. So he still hasn’t really given me a concrete answer on his.”

Not everyone feels as confident in reopening schools.

On our Facebook page, Mariah S. wrote, “our county is still in the extreme risk category.”

Amy M. also said, “nothing about school will be normal.”

As for teachers who don’t feel comfortable going back yet, Bend-La Pine Schools said they could sign up for a leave of absence and have their positions held for next year.

That deadline for that decision, however, has passed.

The school district also opened 10 to 15 positions to teach online for internal staff only.

“The district, as a whole for their purposes, has really done an amazing job” Kennedy said.


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