▶️ Parents looking forward to Bend safe streets improvement projects


For Pam Askew and many other parents, Harmon Boulevard in Bend is not an ideal street to drop children off for school.

“Often in the morning, people are rushing. And so it is…it can get a little scary,” she said. 

A safe access to Harmon Park is one of eight neighborhood street projects selected by the City of Bend to create safer entries to parks and schools.

“So the end goal of these projects are to just make sure everyone’s safer. Reduce crashes and get more people out and about within their community so they feel safe and comfortable,” said Robin Lewis, transportation engineer for the City of Bend.

Depending on the area, this could mean new speed humps, medians, and crosswalks.

Additions Askew believes would keep her eleven year old daughter safer.

“It would help at least the speed aspect of it, a little bit,” Askew said. “Just because if you are focused on seeing signs for a crosswalk, I think people naturally just slow down.”

Additional areas that will include safe crossings include Ponderosa Park, Mountain View High School, and Summit High School.

For all eight project, City Council approved $800,000 to fund the program.

It’ll be months until construction begins, and parents urge drivers to keep their kids in mind.

And slow down in the meantime.

“Just watch the speed limit, and just focus on crosswalk signs, and seeing kids and what they’re doing if they’re out and about.” Askew said. “Drive maybe even more carefully than you would on a regular street.”


The top projects, which are ready for design and construction are:

Project #1 – Safe Crossing to Ponderosa Park

Project #2 – Safe Crossing to Mountain View High School

Project #3 – Neighborhood Traffic Calming on NE 12th

Project #4 – Hollygrape Crosswalk across Brookswood Blvd.

Project #5 – Knightsbridge Crosswalk across Parrell Road

Project #6 – Sisemore Sidewalk and Traffic Calming

Project #7 – East Campbell Way Walking Safety

Project #8 – Safe Access to Harmon Park

Contingency Project #9 – Safe Crossing to Summit High School

Contingency Project #9 – Safe Route to Amity Creek at Thompson Elementary 

You can read more about the projects and look at an interactive map here. This map can also be found by going to www.bendoregon.gov/streetsafety


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