Paid Leave Oregon provides new data, helpful tips for filing

Paid Leave Oregon

Paid Leave Oregon has provided new data and tips for Oregonians filing claims.

The program covers things like paid family leave, medical leave and safe leave for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and harassment. Employees can take up to 12 weeks paid leave in a 52-week period. If pregnant, an employee may be able to take up to 14 weeks total.

As of September 17, data from the Oregon Employment Department’s dashboard indicates that approximately 19,000 people have applied for benefits since August 14, which is lower than the anticipated 41,000 applications within the first month.

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Over 5,800 applications have been approved, resulting in approximately $2.3 million in benefits paid, with payments commencing on September 13 for approved claims.

To expedite the claim process, Paid Leave Oregon Director Karen Humelbaugh advises applicants to regularly check their Frances Online account and promptly respond to alerts or notifications because complete applications with the correct supporting documents are essential for approval.

Paid Leave Oregon says employers should also promptly respond to their part of an employee’s benefits request through their Frances account to ensure swift and accurate processing.


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