▶️ Overland Expo sees near-record crowds at Deschutes Co. Fairgrounds


The first ever Pacific Northwest Overland Expo rolled into the Deschutes County Fairgrounds over the weekend.

By Sunday afternoon, the event was already shaping up to be the second largest expo of the season, with tens of thousands coming through the gates.

They all got to enjoy the more than 330 vendors and hundreds of hours of classes in a variety of outdoor topics. 

“As a native Oregonian, it’s been a delight having it here in my backyard so to speak, but truly having the community and a whole new audience show up, that’s been the delight,” said Overland Expo’s Communications Director Nick Jaynes. 

“I really hope the people were educated and inspired, and that’s one of the things that really distinguishes Overland Expo from other outdoor shows is our hundreds of session hours of classes and roundtable discussions. You can learn how to drive your four wheel drive or motorcycle in our homemade courses here that we spend a week digging up and building, or you can do navigation, or cooking or self defense. If you think of a topic, we probably have a class for it.”

The courses were composed of 50,000 pounds of dirt, which was shaped by expo staff over the past several days. 

The first ever Sierra AT4X AEV Edition GMC also premiered at the event. 

They will spend the next several days tearing things down before heading to Colorado to set up for Overland Expo Mountain West. 

“We’re so delighted that Redmond and the Bend area welcomed us with open arms, showed up to the event, and we’re excited for more shows in the future here,” Jaynes said. 

For more information about future expos, visit their website at https://www.overlandexpo.com.


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