▶️ ‘Out of Thin Air’ brings the art of improv to Bend


Show me…a married couple forming an improv group! 

That’s what you’ll get, and more, with the newest theater performance group in town.

Former Hollywood actors and married couple Renny Temple and Caren Kaye formed The ‘Out of Thin Air’ improv group just before COVID hit, and they’re finally making a comeback for their first real performance series at Open Space Studios in Bend. 

Starting this Tuesday evening, the group of eight (Kaye, Temple, Anthony Poponi, Joe Forest, Carol Sternkopf, Judi Van Houweling, Brian Sharp and Mandy Katz) will perform for seven weeks, using the audience and some quick wit to create a unique experience every time. 

“It is a group that is aflutter with exercises,” Kaye said. “We do a lot of games that we’ve learned the rules of, and occasionally we throw in a set piece that doesn’t require the audience’s suggestion.

“We are the players on the stage, but the audience is equally as committed to seeing what they’ve offered us, and how we do it, so it’s really a trilogy of all of us working together.” 

The group came about when the couple decided to revive their passion for improv with a group of locals, and some of Temple’s students from the improv class he taught at Central Oregon Community College.

Though the group itself began nearly two years ago, this specific performance is the result of around two months of rehearsals together.

“It’s really getting to know each other,” Temple said. “It’s learning how to build scenes, it’s learning how to take care of your partner onstage so that we’re not going for jokes, we’re going for reality that happens. If we get two cops stuck on a ride at Disneyland…if you play that reality, it’s going to be funny, we don’t have to do jokes.”

Temple also runs improv classes, not only teaching folks how to improvise onstage, but how to live in the moment in everyday life. 

“You learn communication skills, trusting skills, listening skills, all of that you learn in an improv workshop,” he said. “Where you learn how to create the moment, how to live spontaneously.

“When you live spontaneously, that turns into intuition, and then it just becomes something that you do, when all of a sudden you can communicate and not have stage fright in life, and that’s kind of a nice thing to know.” 

Both Kaye and Temple had extensive careers before retiring in Bend, acting and directing in various TV shows and movies.

They were also in the improv group WAR BABIES for around 15 years, which was part of the inspiration for ‘Out of Thin Air.’

“The improv rules actually work in your life, which is also improvised,” Temple said. “You’re making everything up, everybody’s making everything up. Things disappear into thin air, and we take things out of thin air.”

Shows will take place each Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Open Space Studios.

Tickets are $10 online, and $15 at the door.

To purchase tickets, visit this link: https://www.openspace.studio/event-details/out-of-thin-air-improv-theater-1

For more information about Renny Temple’s upcoming improv class starting Oct. 4, visit his website at rennytemple.com.


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