OSU to require masks indoors for everyone – for now


Oregon State University will continue to require masks indoors until the OHA comes up with a ‘more workable’ plan to check the status of vaccinations,’ according to a letter to students on Friday.

“We do not believe the state’s proof of vaccination requirements are workable in an open university environment where entry to facilities is not carefully controlled,” said Dan Larson, OSU’s Vice Provost for student affairs and coronavirus response coordinator. “We have shared this feedback with state officials, in hopes of shaping revised OHA requirements that would be more workable for the higher education environment.”

Consequently, for the time being, OSU will continue to require individuals to wear face coverings indoors, regardless of vaccination status, Larson said.

The Oregon Health Authority last week issued new face-covering guidance that eliminates the mask requirements for those fully vaccinated.

But the agency left it up to individual businesses to police the mask-wearing by verifying vaccination records.

Face coverings are no longer required outdoors at OSU unless the outdoor setting is crowded, or physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The updated OSU face covering policy is here.

The university will hold a town hall on Wednesday, May 26, from 4 to 5 p.m. Registration is not required.


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