OSU health experts say omicron could help turn COVID pandemic into endemic


A silver lining for the latest COVID variant could help transition the virus from the current pandemic to an endemic disease, according to experts at Oregon State University.

The group held a forum Thursday and said as the omicron variant spreads, it’s inevitable that we reach a point where the virus is always circulating in the community like strains of the flu or the common cold.

And it will be far less dangerous than when it emerged.

But that isn’t a reason to let our guard down or reduce restrictions, the group said, as hospitals could easily become overwhelmed.

More than anything, the experts said getting vaccinated helps you and your community.

“So far, the epidemiological evidence indicates about 40% of the infected have had absolutely no symptoms and this is thanks to our effective vaccine,” said Chunhuei Chi, director, OSU Center for Global Health.

The experts aid the COVID vaccine was not necessarily designed to prevent all infections, but rather to keep people from becoming seriously ill because of the virus.

By getting vaccinated, your chances of having severe symptoms after catching COVID drop significantly.



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