▶️ OSU-Cascades dedicates new Ed Ray Hall; STEAM programs ready to innovate


Students at OSU-Cascades now have a new building for new ideas.

Edward J. Ray Hall, named after former university president and branch campus founder, aims to expand science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics programs.

The building houses seven classrooms and 12 labs all working on projects to enhance the welfare of Central Oregon.

“It definitely helps bring, you know, a hub together because all of our professors are now here in this building and it’s like ‘oh.’ you can run down and come say hi and check in,” said undergraduate researcher Dallas Bennett.

The opening ceremony overlooked a repurposed pumice mine that will be home to Oregon State’s expanded campus. 

The open house for the building showed guests, faculty, and students the unique environment soon to be put to good use for the college.

A major factor of the new facility is its sustainability. 

Ray Hall was constructed with mass-produced timber and boasts its energy conservation.

“The statement that this building makes is just wonderful. it’s possible to build in a way that is least negatively impactful on the environment and this earth. we’ve only got one shot,” said former University president and honoree Ed Ray.

Ray Hall has geothermal heating and cooling as well as net zero energy emissions.

The $49 million dollar facility will open to students this fall semester.


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