▶️ OSHA warns against fake officials threatening fines



In a now-deleted Facebook post, a Prineville resident claimed someone from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration threatened to ticket a Bi-Mart customer for not wearing a mask while suffering an asthma attack.

Oregon OSHA says the post is not true, and many steps would be taken before even considering an on-site inspection.

“If you’re a business and you have customers or visitors who would be coming into your establishment, it’s our expectation that you do engage that person,” Aaron Corvin, public information officer for OSHA, said.

OSHA tells businesses that it’s not just enough to post a sign when it comes to requiring face coverings.

But if one isn’t worn, that person will not be fined by OSHA. That’s a rumor Corvin said is ridiculous.

“We don’t issue on-the-spot tickets, we don’t issue them to individuals, so it’s just not part of what we do,” Corvin said.

Oregon OSHA has also received reports of people posing as compliance officers and fining others in public for not wearing a face covering.

Corvin said don’t fall for it and learn to recognize an OSHA official.

“A compliance officer is going to introduce themselves,” Corvin said. “They’ll show their credentials. We’re going to establish who we are.”

To verify compliance officer credentials, call Oregon OSHA at 503-378-3272.


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