OSHA involved in civil suit against Madras bakery


We’re learning more about legal action taken against a Madras bakery under investigation by OSHA for suspected COVID violations.

New documents reveal OSHA is involved in a CIVIL suit with Eagle Bakery owner Robert Birky.

An anonymous complaint was filed in January prompting the investigation.

At this point, the bakery has not been fined by OSHA.

On Friday, supporters surrounded the bakery after social media reports indicated OSHA was trying to serve the business.

▶️ Crowd rallies for Madras bakery after online rumors

An OSHA rep told Central Oregon Daily News on Friday the man serving papers was not with the agency.

That is true – he’s a third-party process server hired by the courts.

The summons the man attempted to serve on Friday is actually the second summons for Birky to appear.

He failed to comply with the first.




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