▶️ Snowy mountain passes causing fuel truck delays to Central Oregon


Bend gas stations are seeing delays in shipments as snow hits the mountain passes

The manager of the 76 station on Highway 20, Joshua Enfield, said Friday that the station was out of gasoline but still had diesel. 

“We’re just waiting on the fuel truck from over the pass right now,” said Enfield.

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Many gas stations are making do, with some being out of gasoline for a short period of time.

When I mentioned the issue to the manager of the Quickway on North East Butler Market Road, she told me checking her shipment schedule was now at the top of her to-do list.

As for the Shell on Highway 20, the owner of the Stop and Go Mini Mart said they had a scare.

“The delivery driver did get delayed over the pass and so they were not able to show up until mid-day yesterday,” Couch said. “Which, we were getting a little low, but we still had enough to make it a few more hours, and they showed up, got us topped off and we’re back in business.”

His advice for drivers who may be nervous about a gas shortage is to stay calm.

“If people would not panic and just wait and come in when they really want to come in, it’ll avoid the mass rush down here and then wiping out all the fuel,” said Couch.

The 76 is expecting a shipment by Saturday. 


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