▶️ Know your wildfire evacuation levels as fire season ramps up


During Central Oregon’s fire season, it’s important to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice when the time comes.

There are three evacuation levels that residents and visitors should be aware of, according to Oregon Wildfire Response and Recovery. And one big message is that when it’s time to leave, that’s not the time to start packing your stuff.

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LEVEL 1 (Green) – BE READY to evacuate

Be aware of danger in the area. Stay informed: Sign up for emergency alerts with your county. Check local emergency service websites, social media, TV news and radio for updates. This is the time for preparation. Have your emergency plan and go-kit ready with supplies for health, safety, and identification. Act early if you are older or have children, disabilities or limited access to transportation. Consider moving pets and livestock. Plan possible evacuation routes. If you can do so safely, check with your neighbors and share information.

Level 2 (Yellow) – BE SET to evacuate

There is significant danger in the area. Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Stay informed and be alert. Continue to check emergency service websites, social media, TV news and radio for updates. Time to act – follow your emergency plan and grab your go-kit of essential supplies for health, safety, and identification. Inform loved ones of your evacuation plans. Conditions can change rapidly. You do not need to wait for another evacuation notice. Leave if you feel unsafe.

Level 3 (Red) – GO NOW!

There is extreme danger in the area. Leave without delay. It is unsafe to stay and threatens the safety of you, your family and emergency responders. Do not stop to gather belongings or protect your home. Emergency responders may not be available to help if you choose to stay. Do not return until officials announce the area is safe.


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