▶️ Oregon secretary of state warns of ‘water insecurity,’ urges action


The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office released a report this week addressing water insecurity, urging state officials to take action now on the issue.

Currently, Oregon’s water resources are on an “every man for himself” plan. There is no statewide plan to make sure these resources are sustainable for everyone.

If that isn’t addressed, it could have negative impacts down the road.

Governor Tina Kotek has made water insecurity and this audit a priority.

“There should be a conversation engaging the public, you know, soliciting information in terms of what are your challenges. And then you come together and you see, OK, where does that fit in the statewide plan, which we don’t have currently and then go from there,” said Olivia Recheked, the Secretary of State’s Office Audit Manager.

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Legislative hearings on this report will begin as early as next week.

You can read the full audit report here.


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